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Wedding Ring Symbolism & The Meaning of Life

Well… I found my wedding ring. It was in an obvious place.

The only reason I’m sharing this is because I wrote about losing it as a symbol for the search for meaning.

What is the symbolism for the wedding ring?

The ring has been a meaningful symbol since around since 332 B.C. when it took a special place in Greek culture as a symbol for the sun. The fact that it’s a circle – means it’s infinite, but the greeks were convinced that the vein of the ring finger of the left hand connected to the heart.

The vein needed to be protected, and the ring is that protection – to protect love.

It represents eternity – commitment.

It represents protection – and love that protects.

A promise – whole and absolute love.

Well – I suppose that’s good I found it eh?

😜 Lol.

I would’ve tried to not think about that a bit, and forgiven myself I’m sure if I hadn’t found it.

But yes, I shed a little tear when I found my ring – incredibly grateful. It is an heirloom after all. I just want my wife to understand that I love her, and seeing her grandpa’s ring on me brings joy to her and I saw a tear in her eye too.

Giving yourself a little grace along the way

I do believe it’s crucial – even when there is something significant where I mess up to give myself some grace.

Not just because it makes my life more bearable, which is true – but because it builds a kind of pattern in my mind for how I treat other people. In other words, it’s important.

Thanks for reading.

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